Sunday, February 27, 2011

the final red carpet of the night...

reserved for my kooky girls!
*florence welch in valentino. she is the only person who could've worn that dress tonight and made it look ethereal. her red hair is gorgeous!
*helena bonham carter...looked downright demure in a dress by costume designer colleen atwood...
*sharon stone in dior. the big heads over at e! were talking about how fabulous she looked. i guess if you like that rat's nest, want-to-be-20 and a witch look.

(all images via nymag.)

in other news...

kudos to cypress chef craig diehl!!!
for his yummy recipe featured in this weekend's wall street journal, click here.

(image via wall street journal.)

red it or hate it?

you know i love her, and i'm loving all the red...but i'm just not feeling sandra bullock's look.
she's too pale, it's too much taffeta, the bag's the wrong color, i don't know.
i can't even stand myself for saying anything negative about sandra bullock!!
(but i am not hating the pink embroidered jenny packham and bangs from the golden globes so much least it was daring)

sandra bullock in vera wang...i know everyone else likes it, but come on! you're sandra bullock! you could wear a trash bag and everyone would still love you!

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

nicole kidman's upside down dior kimono is growing on me. i bet in person the embroidery is incredible...there is a lot of skirt.
and her little wispy bangs look stupid.

(image via ny mag.)

so far...

*jude law is allowed to make jokes about robert downey's drug escapades, but ricky gervais is not. poo poo hypocrite!
*james franco does NOT a pretty woman make.
*anne hathaway can sing, sure. but that hugh jackman song was corn-on-the-cob.
*i'm glad randy newman won, but that '127 hours' song was haunting...florence welch is the shit!
*i hate the tribute part of the show. at least they weren't clapping louder for some than for others like they normally do!

is it just me...

or does matthew mcconaughey look like a tan skeletor??
maybe the malibu workouts have gotten a bit too extreme!
it's called sunblock, honey!
*camilla alves, on the other hand, looks freaking gorgeous!*

(image via ny mag.)


how do you think they are doing??

(image via e! online.)

in other movie news...

the MUCH MORE IMPORTANT razzies were held last night...
and m. night shyamalan and sex and the city 2 were the big winners!
(or loser? what would you call it exactly)
the last airbender led the race, taking home Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actor (Jackson Rathbone), Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3-D, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.
what happened to that guy!?!?!

meanwhile, SATC 2 took home the prizes for worst ensemble & worst sequel, with all four ladies sharing worst actress.

for the complete list of winners/losers, click here.

(image, story via e!online.)

red it or hate it?

kiddies...this is how you grow older gracefully.
(and that is meant to be a compliment!)
not with botox and fillers, but with elegance, a beautiful gown that isn't over-the-top or a ridiculous color, sleek hair and makeup, and impeccable style.
love love LOVE!
helen mirren, in vivien westwood.

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

cate givenchy couture.
this photo does NOT do the beautiful lilac shade of this dress justice.
very few people could have pulled this off, but she nailed it!
it must be nice to be able to drape yourself in couture and float like a butterfly down the red carpet...

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

anne hathaway, in her valentino arrival dress.
gorgeous red, but i love love LOVE the marquesa she is in now to open the show...grecian goddess!!!

(image via msnbc.)

red it or hate it?

oscar barbie!
(i mean reese witherspoon)...playing dress up in oscar de la renta.
girl, i have that SAME clip in ponytail!

(image via msnbc.)

beautiful couple of the night...numero dos.

i mean "biutiful"
can you say BOOBIES!!??!
how many minutes ago did this bombshell have a baby?
javier bardem in gucci and penelope cruz in l'wren scott.
que hermoso!!!

(image via msnbc.)

it's time!

thank god the abc pre-show is over.
can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G.
who is christa smith? and why would they put someone with the personality of ROADKILL backstage to interview people?
even my beloved tim gunn was struggling...the only good part was hugh jackman!
(and yes, you can go ahead and sign him back on for next year...i'd watch that man paint a fence.)
let's hope the show has a little more pizazz!

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

how cute is a pregnant natalie portman in rodarte?
love the purple!

(image via ny mag.)


is jennifer lopez hard up for cash?
can they play a few more venus you really need to hock razors to make the mortgage? you not getting enough millions from the american idol gig??
just asking...

red it or hate it?

marisa tomei in vintage charles james.
eh...not so much.
would love to see it in person...

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

hilary swank in gucci.
you know me, i love me some gucci. but i'm not sure about this one.
feathers feathers feathers!

(image via ny mag.)

ok , i can't stand her, BUT...

i'll admit it.
gwyneth paltrow looks
wicked FREAKING awesome in this calvin klein.
even if she is a little orange. ;)

(image via ny mag.)

is it just me...

*or did robin roberts just call natalie portman "valerie"???

*and how freaking awkward have james franco and anne hathaway been in all of their pre-show interviews? this could be interesting, folks...


red it or hate it?

halle marchesa.
it's a little flowy, foofy for me, but...
she looks amazing.
geez, that broad is beautiful.
(even if she might be a bit bat shit crazy.)

(image via ny mag.)

beautiful couple of the night...

colin firth and livia giuggioli.
enough said.

(image via ny mag.)

is it just me, or...

*is red the color of the night?

*is christian bale wearing a fake beard?

*does reese witherspoon look like a little girl playing dress up?

*are a ton of people just a LITTLE too orange?

*is gwyneth paltrow the new betty white? everybody loves her all of the sudden...

*is nicole kidman wearing an upside down kimono?

*is little ryan seacrest totally standing on a box?

just a few reflections on oscar night...
it's almost that time...

red it or hate it?

scarlett dolce & gabbana.
love love love the color..and everyone is poo poo'ing her hair, but i love the cut and the color!

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

mandy monique lhuillier.
hmm...i don't know.
all of the sudden, she looks old.
she looks pretty, but old.
it's throwing me off.

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

hailey marchesa she helped design.
very cute with the headband and the lack of over-the-top jewels.
kept it age appropriate, except the shoes.
but hey, talk about getting to play dress up on the biggest night of the year!!!

(image via ny mag.)

hey justin timberlake!

love the tom ford tux, but...
can't you afford to buy your mama a BRA!?!?!
jesus, woman. put those things away!

UPDATE PIC: there's mom in the background...honey, you ain't no spring chicken. hoist those puppies up!

red it or hate it?

michelle chanel.
hair and makeup...FLAWLESS.
it's her usual ethereal, modern twiggy look.
this time, she kills it.

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

mila elie saab couture.
love the color!

(image via ny mag.)

is it just me?

or does russell brand need some facial hair?
and i get it, you're a funny guy. so your clothes are meant to be ironic, right.
don't care...lose the check shirt.

red it or hate it?

amy l'wren scott.
don't know how i feel about that necklace..and those cap sleeves don't do her killer guns any justice!

(image via ny mag.)

red it or hate it?

jennifer hudson...
fabulous in tangerine versace!

(image via ny mag.)

a little intermission to crazy town...

um, yeah.

more red carpet looks...

everyone is looking pretty snazzy!
give us at least one disaster, please!
*some faves so far...
mila kunis in lavender elie saab...
michelle williams in she practicing an accent for a role? speak up, mush mouth!
can't decide how i feel about amy adams navy sequined l'wren scott yet...
and russell brand brought his!
(pictures to follow...)

to watch the live stream of the red carpet...

click here.

in early red carpet news...

jennifer lawrence...just KILLED it.
the hair, the makeup, the red calvin klein...
the 'winter's bone' actress just won in my book...
in other news, 'the fighter's' melissa leo wore a lace tablecloth with gold mirrors sewn into it, and ryan seacrest and guilana rancic really went in for the mystic tan.
can i have some apples with that orange?

(image via tmz.)

it's ON!!!

like donkey kong, kids.
the oscars are HERE!
settle in with us as we check out the good, the bad, and the just plain freaking cuckoo bananas!
starting us off...ryan seacrest just announced that there is going to be some sort of rumored twilight thing happening tonight.
because when i think of the academy awards...i think of "twilight".
not so much.

charlie sheen is...

so, the cuckoo crazy saga that is charlie sheen stars calling the cops locked in the bathroom, across the hall from the ex and the kids in the eloise suite at the plaza...oh, i'm sorry. an allergic reaction to prescription medication. *wink wink*
going to the hospital for a "hernia"...i guess that's better than the usual "exhaustion".
*nudge nudge*
in-home rehab. uh-huh.
now he's slamming 'two men' creator chuck lorre, prompting cbs and warner bros. to halt production on the show, putting countless numbers of crew out of a paycheck.
what's next?
oh wait, i'm sorry. he's supposedly (according to the ny post) now checked out of "in-home rehab" and 'The hell-raising actor treated himself to a handful of "goddesses" -- porn star Bree Olsen, his pot-magazine model girlfriend Natalie Kenly and estranged wife Brooke Mueller -- in a bizarre menage-a-quatre vacation in the Bahamas while his career imploded at home.

"We're having a ball . . . Everybody's mad because I'm having too much fun and I'm clean," Charlie Sheen boasted to KCLA radio yesterday.'

update: charlie has taped an interview with abc's "20/20", the first part airing tuesday 10pm.

get me a gorilla suit, we've officially gone bananas!

(image via ew.)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

the oscars are coming! the oscars are coming!

and what do we care about?
the FASHION, of course!!!
get ready for tomorrow's LIVE BLOG...we'll be here from the red carpet through the ceremony...who wore what, who looks drunk, you know...the important stuff.
you know you love it...who wants to think about life's problems when there are so many vapid rich people to make fun of?!?!
get ready!

(image via marie claire.)


pardon my french, but seriously.
nothing else to say.

(image via ny post.)

not ready to switch out your closet??

even though half of the country is still freezing, it is technically in between season in the fashion world.
click here for rachel zoe's picks for transition looks...
scarves and wedges and denim...yes, please!!

(image via stylelist.)

Friday, February 25, 2011

do you have what it takes?

and how much do you LOVE baseball?
the MLB has a dream job for you...
via the vancouver sun...
"Major League Baseball is conducting a casting call for the ultimate baseball fan's dream job. The winner of this contest will move to NYC and star in something similar to a reality TV series that will air on

The lucky recipient of the "job" will watch every regular-season and post-season game and be required to share opinions on players, teams and daily events from the comfort of MLB-selected accommodations."

sound like the best six months of your life?
apply here.

oscar teaser?

james franco is cuckoo this tweet meant to be a teaser for sunday's night oscars?
i guess we'll find out...on sunday night!

song of the day...

down with webster's "your man".
because it's stuck in my head...and now it's stuck in yours too!


so, rush limbaugh says michelle obama is fat.
i'm sorry...WHAT?
let me say that again...rush limbaugh says michelle obama is FAT.
have you seen her guns, fat boy?
go stuff your face with pills and hot dogs, big mouth.
read the

(images via the huffington post.)


oh john had a little too much chanpagne in paris, and now you're in trouble.
did he make anti-semitic comments or didn't he?
time for you to go on the wagon with me, johnny boy.

(image via new york mag.)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

quote of the day...

"The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools."
-- doug larson.

too true. young fool, old fool. always a fool.

your mother would be so proud!

"you are wrong for that...wrong wrong wrong for it"
my friends ran into a very sober girl at the sbarro...what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.
(and your lower intestine...don't eat the cardboard baby!)
thanks leanne for the link!!!
and thanks katie and ryan for the laugh!

furs and boots and brights, oh my!

hello gucci!
you know i am a sucker for the italian designer, and the milan show DEFINITELY did not disappoint ...
view the collection here...

(image via new york mag.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sneak peek...

the alexander mcqueen exhibit at the met's costume institute is going to be R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.
for a slideshow sneak peek, click here.
'savage beauty' opens may 4th.
(image via vogue uk.)

WHAT?!?! i'm shocked!

no way. i was sure he had hair. i never once thought for a second it was a piece.
damn, johnny travolta, you sure did have me fooled.
(and that look on his face is...PRICELESS.)

it is amazing to me how men, no matter how rich or powerful, can be so silly when it comes to those damn toupees.
"if i act like it's real, no one will ever suspect a thing!"
let the dome shine, brother!

how long before his publicist releases a statement..."mr. travolta has shaved his head for a role."
(image via the superficial.)

you named your baby WHAT?!?!

an egyptian father named his baby "facebook" because of the importance the social networking site played in the recent egyptian revolt.
you couldn't name the baby "freedom"? or "triumph"?
for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via huffington post.)

do you like??

jennifer aniston debuted a new, shorter 'do at the madrid premiere for "just go with it"...what do you think?
i think she looks old.
and kind of drunk.
(image via stylelist.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

song of the day?

i may be wrong. BUT I DOUBT IT!!!

i really don't know what to say...but the painter made me laugh out loud.

quote of the day...

"As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!"
-- coco chanel.
sorry, boys.

(via brainy quote.)