Sunday, June 30, 2013

just can't get enough...

this is so damn funny!

(although i can do without miley cyrus. go away already!)
enjoy ~

your first look...

this looks AMAZING.

'district 9' writer/director neill blomkamp is back with 'elysium'.
the rich people live on elysium, and everyone else lives on earth. 
and earth sucks, y'all.
do you think this guy has a thing about social classes?!?!
elysium, starring matt damon and jodie foster (and of course our pal sharlto copley!) hits theatres august 9th.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

what we're listening to...

i know it's been out for a while, but we still can't get enough of this crazy ass song.

if thrift shop doesn't make your toe tap, well...
you have no soul!
can someone please find me some batman footie pajammies!?!?!

enjoy ~

fat kids, REJOICE!

fear not, y'all.

your favorite creme filled golden sponge cakes are making a comeback at your local grocery store!
twinkies will be returning to store shelves starting july 15th, it was announced this week.
and yes, your ho ho's and ding dongs will be back as well...
faster than you can say "arterial blockage".

(image via ny post.)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

what we're listening to...

i HATE that i like this song.
but i can't get the damn thing out of my head!!
remember 22?
yeah. me either.
enjoy ~

botox alert!

what happened to kate walsh's face?!?!

the 'private practice' actress looked "super refreshed" (is that what we're calling it these days?) at a party for designer jenni kayne's 10th anniversary on thursday.
i'm not even going to talk about that shower curtain she's wearing...
but her hair is FABULOUS!

(image via just jared.)

broadway happiness!!

the stars have aligned, y'all.

neil patrick harris will be returning to broadway in the spring of 2014...
in "hedwig and the angry inch"!!!!!
it's no secret rosita loves loves LOVES this show, and we love us some nph, so you know we'll be first in line to catch this one!

creator john cameron mitchell played the title role off broadway in 1998, and this will be the first broadway production of hedwig.
can't wait!!!

(image via ny times.)

Friday, June 21, 2013

dang, y'all!

put the butter away.

paula deen's been fired from the food network!
the beloved southern "lady" said some nasty shiz.
it seems ms. deen gave a deposition in a discrimination lawsuit brought by a former employee. in it, she admits to using the n-word, tolerating racist jokes, and discussing a wedding where all of the waiters were to be black and dressed as slaves.
she was a no show this morning on today, where she was supposed to sit down with matt lauer and address the issue.
after skipping the interview, she posted this apology video on youtube, but it appears it was too little, too late for the network she had been with for more than a decade.
shame shame, bunny.

(image via the daily meal.)

north, south, east, WEST...

celebrity baby name madness strikes again!
is anyone surprised by this?!?!

kim kardashian and kanye west have named their new baby girl, born on june 15th, "north."
yep. north west.
jeezy kreezy.
thanks mom and dad! it's not bad enough she is doomed to be the daughter of fame whores, but do they even remember what high school is like?!?!

from yahoo..."on thursday night, omg! confirmed that north was indeed the name of kim kardashian and kanye west's daughter, whom the new parents are calling "nori" for short. so … do you notice anything about that nickname?
if you combine kim noel kardashian and kanye omari west's middle names, you get nori."
how cute.

(image via yahoo.)

if you're in chucktown this evening...

listen, y'all. 
this is a CAN'T MISS event!!

6:30 to 8:30pm.
heirloom books is hosting 'bon appetit' restaurant and drinks editor andrew knowlton, who will be signing copies of 'the grilling book'.

the fabulous chef nathan thurston (from stars) will be serving up yummy goodness from the book...and you know they will have some serious libations for you tarts to sample as well!
heirloom book co.
54 1/2 broad street. 

how could you POSSIBLY be anywhere else tonight?!?!
dang. now i'm hungry.

(images via bon appetit.)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


james gandolfini is dead at the age of 51.
the actor best known for his role as tony soprano on the hit HBO drama 'the sopranos' died yesterday of a heart attack in rome.
in tribute...tony soprano's final scene.

(image via guardian uk.)

you want to WHAT?!?!

from jimmy kimmel's post oscar show...
channing all over your tatum, y'all.
i love how he embraces his stripper ways...
enjoy ~

love this look...

listen, y'all.
we love love love us some leather.
and we love sandra bullock. 
put the two together and well...our heads are exploding!
(hmm...that doesn't sound right.)

sandra bullock rocked a black leather pencil skirt at the german premiere of her new flick 'the heat'.
and get's by ASOS. and it has pockets! and it retails for 150 buckers!!
which means, dear bunnies, that we can afford to dress like sandra bullock!
she paired it with a wicked pair of strappy black sandals that i'm sure did not cost $150.
but hey, we can't all be sandra bullock, now can we?!?!
by the way...that biyatch is 48. FORTY EIGHT! dang girl. looking good babay!

to get your very own ASOS black leather pencil skirt, click here.

(image via yahoo.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

if you're in chucktown this evening...

you better get your foodie on!

today from 4:30 to 6:30pm, get your happy southern ass down to the heirloom book co. for a meet and greet with diane st. clair, the author of animal farm buttermilk cookbook.
recipes from the book will be prepared by the fabulous chef nate whiting of tristan, and the good folks from whisper creek will be pouring that yummy of the yummiest tennessee sipping cream.
remember reading animal farm in school? yeah, so do i. this is definitely not the same book!