Friday, September 30, 2011

it's friday...time to shake it.

and if you can't get up and shake it to this one, i don't know what to tell you.
there is no shake in your quake.
and there's nothing quite like dan akroyd doing it to it in the closing credits of "the great outdoors".
LOVE that movie!
so happy friday, bunnies.
make it a good one!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

if you're in chucktown this weekend...

louie's kids is an incredible organization that "raises funds to help treat childhood obesity."
this saturday (october 1st), louis and the gang are hosting a celebrity softball challenge to bring attention to this very important cause.
team captains darius rucker and bill murray will be on hand at the joe to play some softball and probably bring some laughs.
tickets are $12 and $25 (for box seats) and are available at the joe box office or on the web...
the event starts at 2pm.
for more info on this great event, or for tickets, click here.

(image via slimdownthesouth.)

if this week is getting to you...

this is the song for you.
and remember -- it's thursday.
tomorrow's friday.
you're almost there!
ok, that's enough pep talk from me.
back to shit-talking celebrities.

city chic...

jennifer aniston strolls in NYC yesterday after the tuesday night premiere of her directorial debut for lifetime's "five".
she looks effortless in a white tank, jeans, and booties.
even the dog is staring.

(image via people.)

as seen on tv...item of the week!

i've been wanting to do this for a while now...
if you don't know me, then this will be news to you.
so here's the item i am thinking about purchasing.
pour the egg into the little egg shaped container, drop the containers into the boiling water, and -- VOILA!
perfect boiled eggs in minutes.
we'll see...
here's my question...
if i'm boiling the eggies, who's going to devil them for me?

(image via tvtopten.)

if looks could kill...

a man went after a foul ball at a taiwanese baseball game --
the only problem?
his daughter was in his lap when he tried to catch the ball, and went crashing into the seats in front of them!
he then picked her up by her leg after missing the ball...
father of the year!
the best part of the clip, without question, is the look on his wife's face at the end.
you are SO not getting any.
for a while.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

we thought it was so easy...

wear ugly shoes, get fit!
here we were, wandering around in weird shoes because we thought we were going to rock, rock, rock our way to toned legs and buns, and then...
those quick fix sneakers don't work?
reebok is being forced to pay 25 MILLION dollars to the federal trade commission because of false advertising claims that their easy tone footwear "had been proven to lead to 28 percent more strength and tone in the buttock muscles, 11 percent more strength and tone in the hamstring muscles, and 11 percent more strength and tone in the calf muscles than regular walking shoes."
don't ever say you have scientific evidence when you're lying, fools!

(image via ny mag.)

don't go topless in ireland!

an irish farmer put the kibosh on a topless rihanna monday in northern ireland.
she was in belfast shooting a video for the single "we found love," and her video attire went from a flannel shirt, to a flag bikini, a red bra, a black mesh top, and then...ta da! just jeans.
that is when alan graham decided she had gone too far, and put a stop to the shoot.
TRANSLATION: his wife sent his ogling ass out there to get her to cover up!
and...did he still get paid for the use of his land?

(image via us weekly.)

celebrating 90 years of style...

feel like a little travel, my fashionable bunnies?
gucci has opened a museum in florence, italy, the city of its birth in 1921.
the opening reception tuesday brought out an interesting assembly of fashion big wigs, b-list celebrities, and a few kooky italians, including head designer frida giannini.

for the rest of the story and more pictures from the event, click here.

(images via the daily beast.)

eye candy, anyone?

hugh jackman.
shirtless on bondi beach.
you're welcome.

(image via huffington post.)

if you're from south cackalacky...

here's yet another reason to be super proud!
summerville resident annie caddell proudly flies a flag in front of her home. the problem? it's a confederate flag.
the flag is seen by caddell's neighbors as a symbol of slavery and racism, but she sees it as a symbol of history.
since moving into the historically black neighborhood last summer, neighbors have built wooden fences on either side of caddell's house in an attempt to block the flag from view.
so what did she do?
put the flag on a taller pole.
and the battle rages on...

for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via aol.)

old school jam of the day...

are you ready to wake up?!?!
well bunnies...this one's going to do it for you!
ignore the quality of the video, turn the volume up to the top, suck down that first cup of coffee, and get your day started right...

in case you missed it...

and in case you care...
some italian broad that humped george clooney got booted off dancing with the stars tuesday night.
elisabetta canalis and her partner with a really long last name were voted off of the competition despite not having the lowest scores of the night...
david arquette and chaz bono made up the rest of the bottom three.
could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain the appeal of this show? i just don't get it...

(image via yahoo.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and the old hands award goes to...

demi moore, putting on a brave face, cups jennifer aniston's boob at the premiere of the lifetime movie "five", last night in NYC.
it's unfortunate that the demi/ashton divorce rumors are getting more press than the subject matter of the film, which tells five different stories about breast cancer.
moore and aniston each directed a segment.

(image via dlisted.)

song of the day...

sorry for the stupid ad at the beginning...
i am hearing from a TON of people that yesterday sucked.
so let's start over today, shall we bunnies?
turn this one up, put a smile on your face, and get it going!

in case you missed it...

jonah hill stopped by howard stern last week...
and he was HILARIOUS!
catch a clip of it above...
for more clips from great howard stern interviews, click here.

now that's a playdate...

gwen stefani.
angelina jolie.
and their kids!
ang and her brood joined gwen and co. in london monday for a playdate...and it looks like a little face painting action...
but here's the question...
do all of their kids weigh more than they do?
or is it just the older ones?
and FINALLY...angelina is letting shiloh look like a girl, just saying...that was starting to worry me.
have fun, kids!
and make your mamas eat some cheeseburgers!

(image via people.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

happy birthday, bunny!

the hot, steaming mess that is heather locklear turned 50 yesterday...
wonder what jack wagner did for his beautiful bride-to-be's big day?
his and hers botox, maybe?

(image via pop on the pop.)


two words...KATE WINSLET.
her st. john fall 2011 ad campaign is freaking crazy ass GORGEOUS.
the pictures almost make me feel like if i wear st. john, i could be classy too.
to view the rest of the pictures from the campaign, click here.

(images via st. john.)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

if you're in chucktown tomorrow...

there is one place you need to be.
the charleston green fair is going to be on the meeting street side of marion square...
(don't know where that is? mapquest it...)
and my friends at charleston art mag have put together a clothes swap with can swap your pieces for other gently used pieces. don't have the motivation to clean out your closet? then bring your wallet, each item will be available for 3 bucks.
3 bucks?!?! what a steal!
you can donate today at the west of newspaper office in west nasty, or at the art mag office downtown.
for more here.
a little birdie told me there might be some rosita jones nail colors floating around the fair as well tomorrow...
be there!

(image via facebook event page.)

turn it up...

old school jam of the day...and another really crappy video, to boot.
let's do this.
never trust a big butt and a smile!

leopard print for everyone!

modern family's sofia vergara was at the astor place kmart yesterday to unveil her new clothing collection for the company.
"I wanted to create a collection that the normal woman could afford and look sexy and cute without blowing all their funds", vergara said while chatting up the press at the presentation.
great. you know what that means...
even more "people that shouldn't" in animal prints and leggings.
i guess i get to spend fall looking at bad outfit combinations, and throwing up.
yes, mix your missoni by target zig zags with your sofia vergara zebra print tube dress!
and for god's sake, PLEASE don't hide that muffin top!!
there's a kmart on astor place? who knew?!?!

(image via stylelist.)

uh oh.

'army wives' star kim delaney made a nice big crowd of stiffs uncomfortable during a strange, rambling speech thursday night at the liberty award medal presentation in philadelphia.
she spoke of serving in the military and attending military funerals.
only one problem...
she hasn't done either!
she was later escorted off the stage before finishing her speech.
according to a local news station, the teleprompter had broken and delaney had to wing it...
i'm sorry. isn't that what we call in the trade "improvising"?
bring on the "exhaustion/allergic reaction" defense!

(image via yahoo.)

speaking of plastic...

can you tell which is the "real" fergie and which is the madame tussaud's wax figure? neither.
fergie, getting an ego boost, at the unveiling of her likeness thursday at madame tussaud's in las vegas.
it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between the wax versions and the human ones.
ah, technology.
gotta love it!
(and btw...where's her wedding ring? hmm...)

(image via people.)

smoking hot mess...

how the hell does lindsay lohan still get invited to parties?!?!?!
by going over to europe where they don't give a shit about bad behavior, that's how!
the plastic fantastic, bleached out extensioned train wreck that is lindsay lohan was spotted with designer philipp plein at an amFar event in milan friday.
if she plumps those lips up any bigger, i think they might explode!
you know, my little impressionable tween bunnies...making your lips THAT FREAKING BIG so you'll look like you give a good bj really never attracts the kind of guy you would want to keep around for too long...or that is going to treat you right.

(image via dlisted.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

great news!

the san francisco giants fan who was beaten so severely he went into a coma after the march 31st attack, has spoken for the first time in nearly six months.
bryan stow's family posted the news on the website they have created,, wednesday.
he was able to answer the speech therapist when asked his first and last name, as well as both his son and daughter's names.
he also said he wanted to see his kids.
such amazing progress!
i am so happy for his family...
baby steps, people. baby steps.

now let's find the MO-FO douchebags that did this!
for the rest of the story, click here.
(image via cnn.)

there's no place like home...

or the bank!
one of the four pairs of ruby slippers judy garland wore as dorothy in 'the wizard of oz' will be auctioned in december, and they are being predicted to go for at least 2 million.
now i love shoes. and hells bells i love sparkles.
but TWO MILLION dollars?!?!
for a pair of used shoes?
i couldn't even talk myself into that...and lord knows i have talked myself into some shoes, bunnies!
for the rest of the story...

(image via thecut blog.)

just what hollywood needs...

another D-list unplanned pregnancy!
some disney actress, brenda song, and miley's older brother, trace cyrus, are expecting a baby.
"It was not expected," a source reportedly told US weekly. "They were both startled to find out she's pregnant...They are figuring out how to handle it."
GREAT. sounds like this bambino's coming into a world full of love and excitement!
get it together, kids.
and for god's sake let that little bundle look like the mother.
that trace cyrus didn't just get beat with the ugly stick...he got taken out by the whole tree!
oh, i kid. i kid. if the elephants upstairs wouldn't keep waking my ass up at 5am, i'd been in a much more pleasant mood.

(image via us weekly.)

file under...

breaking up is hard to do...
wait a minute, i thought they had already broken up!?!?
oh that's right. that was the drummer retiring to become a farmer.
the athens, georgia band R.E.M. has broken up after 31 years together.
michael stipe and the boys called it quits in a statement on their website monday...
"As lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality and of astonishment at all we have accomplished."
sayonara, boys.
you made my formidable years that much more formidable.
but i still HATE that song 'losing my religion'!!

(image via us weekly.)

turn it...

damn...this is my jam today!
(the video's crap...but get your dance on, bitches! if this doesn't make your day, then i can't help you...)
i like the whopper...F**K the big mac!
you're welcome.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

in happier news...

american hikers josh fattal and shane bauer were released (FINALLY!) from an iranian prison wednesday.

they were released on bail of $500,000 each and their sentences were commuted, according to the iranian government-run press tv. they were then flown to oman, where they were reunited with family members.

bauer and fattal, both 29, were convicted last month of entering iran illegally and spying for the US, and each was sentenced to eight years in prison.

once arriving in oman, the two spoke to the media...

"We are so happy we are free, and so relieved we are free," Fattal said. "Our deepest gratitude goes towards his majesty, Sultan Qaboos of Oman, for obtaining our release. We are sincerely grateful to the government of Oman for hosting us and our families."

Bauer said: "Two years in prison is too long, and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in American and Iran."

(story via cnn, image via msnbc.)

justice or injustice?

georgia inmate troy davis was executed wednesday night for the 1989 murder of mark macphail, an off-duty police officer.

he was officially declared dead at 11:08pm, about 4 hours after he was originally supposed to be executed. his attorneys were seeking a stay from the US supreme court, which was rejected despite witnesses recanting their original statements and claims they were pressured by police to say davis was the shooter.

in the minutes leading up to his death, Davis stated that he had not carried a gun the night of the murder and did not shoot savannah police officer, mark macphail, in a fast food restaurant parking lot in august, 1989.

davis then spoke directly to macphail's brother and son, who witnessed the execution, "All I can ask is that you look deep into this case so you can really find the truth."

as prison officials prepared to inject him with a lethal mix of chemicals, davis said his final words...

"May God have mercy on your souls," he said.

the family of the victim said they were sure of his guilt, and were relieved by the execution.

will an eye for an eye ever bring you peace?

(image via

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the back.

the real estate crack, people!
get your mind out of the gutter...
does this one look familiar?
if you're a fan of sappy, depressing movies (or still a fan of jennifer aniston?!?!), it should.
501 north broadway, in nyack, new york, is most famously known as the house in the susan sarandon/julia roberts tearjerker "stepmom".
it was also used as a bed and breakfast in the jen aniston/gerard butler flick "the bounty hunter".
(but nobody saw it in that one, right?!?)
the 8 bedroom, 4 bath victorian estate boasts 7 fireplaces and hudson river views.
for more pictures and the rest of the listing, click here.
listen. they've dropped the price a couple hundred grand.
buy it for my friend, angel, won't you?
she'll be your best friend!

(images via trulia.)

turn it up...

ok, i cant get it out of my head...
so now neither can you.
song of the's so what.
jack it up to the ceiling, and let your freak flag fly.
have a great day, bunnies!
(and yes, i want that denim halter jumpsuit she's wearing in the video...)

spied around the corner...

victoria beckham really does like to wear her own clothes...
she was out shopping out barney's this week, wearing a new tunic from her dress line, as well as platform heels from charlotte olympia by victoria beckham.
i guess you are your best billboard, honey.
and when did she have that baby? 5 seconds ago?!?!

(image via ny mag.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

quote of the day...

"If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time."
Edith Wharton (1862 - 1937)'s exhausting spending all of your time TRYING to be happy. the less you try, i guarantee you the happier you are...but hey, that's just me.
are you listening lohan?!?!

(via the quotations page.)

in other hot mess news...

the sad little girls that need attention are all over the place today!
lindsay lohan got kicked out of marc jacobs' fashion show after party thursday night at the dream hotel.
she was told at the door she was not invited, so she did what anyone would do...she called and cried to the owner of the hotel, vikram chatwal, who then walked her into the event.
as soon as she sat down, she was escorted out by security.
(say it like the kid from the simpsons.)
oh yeah, the night before she THREW A GLASS that hit a waitress at the standard hotel.
i wonder why they didn't want her at their party?!?!
listen, you little twat. i am sorry you are a mess. but get your shit together.
i want "mean girls: high school reunion"!

(image via huffington post.)