Wednesday, August 31, 2011

who knew?

carrie bradshaw moonlights as...
little red riding hood!
sarah jessica parker wore THAT to the moscow premiere of her new film, 'i don't know how she does it'.
is it just me, or does that film look like a big steamy stinker?

(image via people stylewatch.)

whatever happened to...

rachael yamagata?!?!
the forgotten song of the day...remember this one?

do you like?

juliana margulies, in houndstooth carolina herrera, for a taping of the late show with david letterman monday.
i love love LOVE the gold and black skirt (YAY POCKETS!), the jewelry, the patent heels.
but the top? yawn...
what do you think?

(image via ny mag.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


the cast for the next season of dancing with the stars has been revealed...what do you think?
i mean, if you think about these sorts of things, that is.
david arquette.
chaz bono.
kristin cavallari.
nancy grace.
ricki lake.
rob kardashian.
ron artest.
jr martinez.
hope solo.
chynna phillips.
carson kressley.
and elisabetta canalis.
yes, the woman who is famous for humping george clooney.
(image via ew.)

Monday, August 29, 2011

to everyone that thinks irene was nothing...

remember what happened 6 years ago today...and stop bitching about how the weather channel people made it sound worse than it was.
what did you want?
did not enough people die for you?

(image via noaa.)

poor miley cyrus...

someone has dressed her up to look like she's 40.
and that roberto cavalli dress does NOTHING for her...don't wear anything EVER that makes your hips look so big!!!
and the poor child just looks so uncomfortable...go home and take a load off.

(image via ology.)

favorite of the night...

enough said.

(image via ology.)


britney spears in a moschino mini-dress and some horrible patent booties.
please, britney...let me help.
i can dress you up real nice for your next event.

(image via ology.)

dear zoe saldana...

your balenciaga shoes are FIERCE.

(image via just jared.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

oh, nicki minaj...

i can appreciate what you're doing honey. really i can.
it doesn't mean i have to understand it.
love you!

(image via just jared.)

eye candy time, girls!

and boys.
you know you want to.
taylor lautner, just looking a little bit dreamy, in a tee, jacket and jeans.
god bless that kid.

(image via just jared.)

three words...

damn, victoria justice.
you are cute, but too damn SKINNY.
eat something, bunny!
(for your own good, by the way. i'm older, i know better.)

(image via mtv.)

mystic tan alert!!!

watch out for the spray! watch out for the spray!
demi lovato, honey...i am very proud of you for finishing out your rehab.
but damn, girl...
you stayed in the spray tan booth too long.
you are so cute. take it easy on the orange fantastic!!!
be good to yourself, little girl.

(image via mtv.)

um...not sure about this one...

selena gomez looks so cute...usually.
this, not so much.
too much train. too much lace. too much...
try harder next time.

(image via mtv.)

oh, i'm sorry...

i forgot to add sammi ho-bag.
my bad!

here she is, in all her jersey shore glory!
sassy mystic tan, bunny!

(image via mtv.)

jersey shore "style"...

oh lord, honey.
these girls are out of control.
it just gets worse. and worse. and...
and aye caramba!

(images via mtv.)

douche douche douchey mcdouche-douche.

i am sorry, young bieber loving bunnies.
but this kid looks like a DOUCHE in these glasses.
i know, you all COMPLETELY hate me now that i have dared to say something negative about your beloved biebs.
but he just looks stupid in those glasses.
and what's with the hair?!?!?

(image via mtv.)

i'm here! i'm here!!!!

y'all, i missed the live red carpet because i was at a fabulous dinner party being taped for the history channel's 'hairy bikers."
yes, honey. i said 'hairy bikers'!
so here we are...time to gossip about this crazy vma bizness!
and bunnies...that beyonce biyatch is PREGGERS!!!!
girl showed up holding her cute little tummy in a gorgeous orange lanvin caftan dress at the mtv video movie awards.
congrats, biyatchay!
you know i love you, bunny.

(image via mtv.)

Friday, August 26, 2011

in case you missed it...

and yes, i recognize i'm a little late in the game on this one.
i've poo poo'ed her in the past...but i have to say...
lady gaga blew me away on the howard stern show.
if you didn't hear this version of 'edge of glory' when she visited stern last month, here it is.
i have a newfound respect for the gaga.
i'll stop her lady gags.
let's see what she does sunday at the VMA's sunday.
are you ready?

just because...

i can't help myself.
here's another FAB scene from 'love actually'...
(i'm thinking i might have to stay up late tonight and watch it...AGAIN.)

give it up, girl...

this poor child is just getting pathetic.
lindsay lohan is suing for a line in the hit song "give me everything."
the line, said by pitbull, is..."i got it locked up like lindsay lohan."
she is suing because, according to her, using her name is a "violation of her civil rights." NO. having to use a separate water fountain or store entrance is a violation of your civil rights. not being allowed to VOTE is a violation of your civil rights.
and yes, she is suing for compensation. because this is now the only way she knows how to make $$$.
you know what, honey? you should be happy he said your name in his song. it's unfortunately keeping you relevant, little girl.
now shut it.
p.s. -- if she doesn't have any money, how did she possibly get her lips plumped up to the size of bananas?!?!

for more info, click here.

(image via styleite.)


to jennifer garner and ben affleck, who are expecting their third child.
i really like how these two have somehow managed to lead as normal a life as possible in hollywood.
i guess something good did come out of that daredevil movie, after all.
and their little girls are so cute!

(image via people.)

this one's for the ladies...

have you heard about this one?
matthew mcconaughey has joined the cast of 'magic mike', the steven soderbergh directed flick based on actor channing tatum's real life beginnings as a male stripper.
mcconaughey joins tatum as alex pettyfer as...
"a former dancer named Dallas who now owns the club at which Tatum and Pettyfer work."

DALLAS?!?! i love it.
this has the potential to be hilarious. in a good way, or in a 'showgirls'/'striptease' way.
will you be watching?!?! come on ladies, tell the truth!

(image via huffington post.)

need a little pick-me-up?

so...we were talking about it earlier this week on FB, and now here it is.
in a film FULL of memorable scenes, this is one of my favorites.
makes my cold, black heart ALMOST believe in love...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

your first look...

zac posen is opening his first stand-alone store tomorrow in the meatpacking district.
the tiny space will feature items from his spin-off z spoke line...with pieces ranging from $90 scarves to that ridiculously fabulous wool swing coat pictured above ($500).
it's located at 875 washington, near 14th street.
will you be there to check it out? i will...i mean, after hurricane irene does her thing, of course.

for more pictures and info...

(image via ny mag.)

Monday, August 22, 2011

all of this can only mean one thing...

man, am i in trouble.
new york magazine's list of 75 new nyc shopping destinations...

oh yeah...and brad pitt's in there too.

(image via ny mag.)

Friday, August 19, 2011


if any of you have ever followed the story of the 'west memphis three'...
they have been FREED!
the gruesome slayings of three 8-year-old boys in west memphis, arkansas in 1993 has gotten major press and sparked 2 documentaries on the case...and many doubters, including musicians natalie maines and pearl jam's eddie vedder.
there are so many allegations and doubts in this case, these kids have finally gotten the benefit of the doubt they should have gotten long ago.
a new trial should be in the near future...
good luck, boys.
for the rest of the here.

(image via la times.)

in honor of the weekend...

let's bring this one back, shall we?!?!
turn this one up all the way, bunnies.
and sing at the top of your lungs!

listen up, chucktown folks!

today's the day...
SCOOP studios is having a party.
and rosita jones is debuting the new fall nail colors...
including "ART MAG", a gorgeous green inspired by charleston art mag.
be there!
"What's the Story" by Karin Olah

rosita jones. nail polish
ENVY - the fall color collection by rosita jones.
Friday, 8/19

rosita jones.launches ENVY, the new fall collection of nail color at SCOOP studios including the green Art Magand several colors inspired by local personalities, artists and charities. The exhibit "Unwound and Bound" byKarin Olah is on display and enjoy La Bubbly cocktail, Yes U May Cookies and savory snacks from Sojourn Coffee. This event is free and open to the public. Art and nail polish are available for purchase.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

three words...


bethenny frankel is too busy to eat. "i'm too thin."
someone who has said in the past she has battled an eating disorder (to get more media attention, of course) should not tell people she is too busy to eat.
shame on you...young girls are influenced by you, and you know it.
and the next time you feel like telling the press about not eating...
or better yet, just shove some food in your face!

(image via page six.)

since i can't get it out of my head...

i am going to get it stuck in yours...
because that's the kind of slick bitch i am.

(and many thanks to the trailer for the new anne hathaway movie, 'one day', featuring this little ditty, for coming on EVERY TIME i finally stop singing this damn song!)

feeling a bit down?

coming soon from nabisco...something to curl up in a dark room and stuff your depressed face with!
news broke early that oreo is coming out with a new cookie...the triple double. three (3!) chocolate wafers, with a layer of vanilla AND a layer of chocolate creme...
holy oreo gluttony batman!

Nabisco’s official statement: “This summer, Oreo will introduce a new 'twist' on the iconic cookie: the Triple Double Oreo. Three chocolate Oreo wafers with two layers of creme -- one classic vanilla, and one chocolate. While we tried our best to safeguard this news, we couldn't hold back the buzz.”

for the rest of the story...
click here.

(image via today.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

high maintenance biyatch!

and this is the ONLY post that will reference this weekend's kardashian spectacle. why? because i don't give a rat's ass!
the invites for kim kardashian's wedding supposedly have very strict guidelines...all guests MUST wear black. OR white.
because the bride won't get enough attention just for being the bride?!?!
poor insecure girl.
now this is exactly what loopholes are for, bunnies! if you happen to be attending this weekend's ridiculous, media whoring me a favor.
wear polka dots, stripes, massive floral prints...any and all patterns welcome. and the BIGGEST hats you can find.
all in black and white, of course.
i know, i know. i'm an asshole.

(image via huffington post.)

le maniac!

french actor gerard depardieu thinks his bladder is more important than yours.
on a flight tuesday night from paris to dublin, depardieu reportedly urinated in the aisle after he was told he could not unbuckle his seatbelt to use the bathroom, people magazine is reporting.
when you got to go, i guess you got to go.
well, well, well.
or should i say
qui qui qui!
(sorry. i couldn't help myself.)
for the rest of the here.

(image via people.)

your first look...

anne hathaway, shot by karl lagerfeld, for the september fall fashion issue of 'interview' magazine.
do you think they are riding the whole vampire trend or what?!?!?
you like?

(image via hollywood life.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

in sad news...

'real housewives of beverly hills' star taylor armstrong is grieving the death of her estranged husband, russell, of an apparent hanging monday night.
armstrong was 47 years old.
the couple have a 5 year old daughter, kennedy.
so sad.

(image via people.)

and baby makes three...

that's the announcement hilary duff made this weekend on her website.
the duffster is also celebrating her first wedding anniversary to her husband, hockey player mike comrie.
congratulations to the happy couple!

(image via people.)

time to toot our own horn...

rosita loves...the ART MAG ladies!
thanks for this clever clip...
and if you're in chucktown this friday, you know what to do.
get your grubby little hands on the new fall nail colors, bunnies!!!!
SCOOP loves rosita.
friday, august 19th.
5:30 to 8pm.
SCOOP studios.
57 1/2 broad street.
for more info...

Monday, August 15, 2011

welcome to the world....

bingham hawn bellamy.
kate hudson, instead of getting the big bucks selling pics of her new bambino (born july 9th), posted a picture of her bundle of joy on twitter.
i have a newfound respect for her, not making a million bucks selling out to people magazine.

(image via twitter.)

if you need another reason to feel like crap...

halle berry.
celebrating her 45th birthday yesterday in malibu.
makes me want to eat doritos, for some reason.
i wonder if she'll give me the devil's phone number...

(image via page six.)

stars...they're just like us!

not really, but...
it seems zoe saldana isn't the only hot hollywood chickie sporting that $50 navy & red stripe cotton dress from express this summer.
amanda seyfried, emmy rossum, january jones and olivia munn joined saldana in easy (and cheap!) comfort and style.
and kudos to jones for rocking horizontal stripes when pregnant!
so...who do you think wore it best?

(image via people style watch.)

are you a boy or a girl??

so...andrej pejic is a male model. who just happens to have a beautiful face. and long lustrous platinum blonde hair.
and he is single-handledly taking the whole androgynous model thing to very interesting new levels.
during NYFW in february, pejic modeled in five men's shows and four women's, walking the catwalk in a suit for jean-paul gaultier's mens show, and then as his bride in the women's finale.
double the shows, double the paycheck, baby!
for the rest of the story...

(images via the cut.)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


five people are dead and at least 40 are injured after a stage collapse at the indiana state fair.
the crowd was waiting for sugarland to take the stage last night when a gust of wind from an advancing storm caused enough force to knock the lights, scaffolding and sound equipment to the ground.
our thoughts and prayers go out to the injured and the families of the deceased.
so sad...
for more info and video, click here.

(image via

more first looks...

from the missoni for target collection.
and all i know is this...
someone better snap up the teacup set for our new digs!
for the rest of the here.

(all images via target.)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

seriously...turn UP the song of the day!

more like, song of the WEEKEND....
if you will soon be getting primped up to go out, turn it all the way up.
invite your friends over...and DANCE AROUND THE HOUSE!
(and the video's pretty good to boot.)