Tuesday, May 28, 2013

can't help myself...

everybody hates me for this one.

but i can't get it out of my head!
it's summer time, y'all.
turn it up and embrace your inner redneck!!!!
enjoy ~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

fire your stylist...

oh, rosario.
what's with the frumpy mcfrumperson?!?!
she has worn not one, but two dowdy prom dresses at the cannes film festival...
in marchesa at the 'cleopatra' premiere.
 those puffy sleeves are giving me a major jessica mcclintock flashback.

in elie saab at the 'as i lay dying' premiere.
i just can't even.
two words -- trash bag.
girl, you look good. stop shopping in the mother of the bride section...!

what we're listening to...

one of our favorite bunnies, joey, just had a birthday...so in her honor, we are posting this one again.
and dang, y'all...this video is HOT.

happy birthday babay! 29 never looked so good...

just because...

our pool boy, willy d, reminded us the other day about this one...it debuted way back during the super bowl, but it's still a goodie!

damn those bullies, y'all...

Friday, May 10, 2013

what we're listening to...

dang, y'all.
this song is on repeat at the studio...
can't. get. enough.
get your groove on. it's friday, bunnies!
what rhymes with hump me?!?!

if you're in chucktown this evening...

don merckle and the blacksmiths want to rock your faces off!

get to the sparrow TONIGHT for an amazing show. we love these guys something fierce... 
get some!

to get a taste of what you'll be hearing tonight, click here.

don merckle and the blacksmiths.
friday, may 10th.
the sparrow.
1078 east montague.
park circle.

for more info, click here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

what we're listening to...

dang, y'all.
this song give us CHILLS.
we've been hearing it everywhere we go today...
yes, the video's weird. but the song is AMAZING.
enjoy ~

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

real estate crack...is back!

holy crap.
you know, we love to dream about ridiculously overpriced manhattan real estate...and this one is no exception!


that kitchen! those skylights! the OUTDOOR SPACE!!! 

and for a measly teeny tiny little 13.8 MILLION, it can all be yours!
or mine, if you are feeling generous...

for the rest of the listing, click here.

(images via ny times.)

love this look?

finally. effortlessly cool!
you know how much we love us some menswear looks on broads, and this is about as good as it gets!

florence welch rocked a black pantsuit at last night's party celebrating the fashions from baz luhrmann's "great gatsby" at the prada flagship store in soho.
we're heading to the premiere tonight. maybe in a black tux suit?!?!
in other news...carey mulligan does not own mascara. get thee some falsies, stat!

just saying...
*costumes from the film will be on exhibit at the soho prada until may 12th...575 broadway near prince street.
(images via marie claire uk.)

bahahaha love this!

if you are at work, turn the volume down now.
this is one of the greatest things we've ever come across.
and it's a REAL children's book!!!
whoever thought to have samuel l. jackson narrate this is a GENIUS.


(image via tv guide.)

what we're listening to...

so...darius rucker must love duck dynasty as much as we do.
we're grooving to his version of wagon wheel, and of course anything with uncle si in it, we'll watch!
(even though the video is very strange. and random. and sort of stupid.)
local boy made good, y'all...