Tuesday, May 31, 2011


seriously...somebody get a hold of this child, someone who has some STYLE, and take her shopping for a new wardrobe!!
90210's shenae grimes in ridiculous leopard pants that make her look fat (and trust me honey, this child is the OPPOSITE of fat!!!)
her black negligee and some tired old lace up booties, at a party in southampton.

(image via people stylewatch.)

is it just me...

or does alec baldwin's character in the film adaptation of the musical 'rock of ages' look a whole hell of a lot like billy ray cyrus?!?!? you be the judge...
the director tweeted this photo of baldwin and co-star russell brand, who star alongside tom cruise and catherine zeta-jones.

(image via twitter.)

lucky girl!

14-year-old hailey steinfeld, oscar nominated star of 'true grit', has been chosen as the new face of miu miu, the fashion house confirmed monday.
keep your head on straight, honey!
don't end up like lohan!

(image via daily beast.)

Monday, May 30, 2011

get well, bunny!

singer sean kingston and a female companion are in critical condition after crashing the jet ski they were on into the palm island bridge in miami beach around 6 p.m. sunday, the ap is reporting...

sending good rosie juju your way...take care of you!

for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via ap.)

my boyfriend's back...

umm...LOVE HIM.
james mcavoy's back...on dvd in 'gnomeo and juliet', and in one of the summer's most anticipated blockbusters...
he talked to ny magazine about playing a character we all already know and love...playing professor xavier (with HAIR!) in 'x-men: first class', out june 3rd.
jimmy, please come over and read me a story, just so i can listen to that scottish yumminess...

(image via ny mag.)

in honor of memorial day...

to my dad, both grandfathers, and everyone else who has sacrificed life, limb, family, sanity...
all for the freedom of strangers.

did i mention...

how much i LOVED rihanna's white carpet look at the billboard music awards?!?!
favorite look of the week...
somebody get me a white pantsuit, stat!

(image via ny mag.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

what i wouldn't give...

debbie reynolds is auctioning off her INCREDIBLE hollywood costume collection on june 18th in beverly hills...the collection includes marilyn monroe's dress from "the seven year itch", a bowler worn by charlie chaplin, and several costumes from "the sound of music"
poor debbie reynolds, having to sell off her collection.
that would be a great birthday present to me, if anyone feels the great urge!!!
*wink wink*
for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via ny times.)

is there anyone out there...

who doesn't know they use big fat falsies in mascara ads?!?!?!
girls, listen. do NOT covet the big, awesome lashes you see in these ad campaigns. it's phony and fake and downright insulting!
they will do anything to get you to buy their product, and it pisses me off.
i can't believe they are just talking about this NOW.
you want to know which mascara to use, ask me!
don't believe the hype...
for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via cover girl.)

seriously...who's with me?!?!?!

it seems there might be a trip to china in my future...

models! without makeup!

un-retouched, non-photoshopped pictures in vogue?
say it ain't so!
scott trindle shot models au natural and in black and white for vogue uk, and i have to say, the pictures are really beautiful.
see, who needs all that crazy computer crap?!?!

for the rest of the story, and more pictures, click here.

(image of kirsty hume via vogue uk.)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

in case you missed it...

gnomeo and juliet is now available on dvd & on demand...
and i have to say, it was really cute!
good for the kiddies too...catch the trailer above.

real estate crackola!

10,000 square feet.
multiple terraces.
10 person jacuzzi.
oversized elevator.
20 foot ceilings.
it can all be yours...
for 19.5 MILLION dollars!
enjoy the pictures...
for the rest of the listing, click here.

stylish ladies alert!

annalynne mccord and minka kelly get in some quality chick time walking around the streets of new york last week.
love love LOVE the outfits, the bags, the hair...
you go ladies!

(image via people.)


jeff conaway, star of 'grease' and 'taxi', died friday from complications from pneumonia.
he was 60 years old.
his long battle with alcohol, drugs and painkillers was well documented on 2 seasons of "celebrity rehab".
so terribly sad, so much pain in one person.
for the rest of the story, click here.
(image via ew.)

in case you missed it...

this guy won dancing with the stars.
i could care less.

(image via people.)

seriously. shiny. legs.

good lord child!
did they spray tan and grease up your legs enough?!?!?!?!
her legs are 8 shades darker than her poor little head.
she looks like somebody photoshopped body builder legs onto her body!

carrie underwood, looking fab (except for the freaky legs!) at the american idol finale in L.A.

(image via people stylewatch.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

how freaking cute is...

rachel mcadams on the cover of elle's june issue!?!?!?!
love her.

(image via just jared.)

are you serious?!?!

so, lindsay lohan begins serving her sentence in jail...
oh wait. i mean within the confines of her luxury condo in venice beach.
fitted with an ankle bracelet, she went home to serve her 14 day sentence.
it's a hard life, bunnies.
(look at that picture. that poor, stupid little girl. she looks like she's 40. get help, baby. before it's too late!)
for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via wwtdd.)

see! i'm not the only one...

who loves her jumpsuits!
but always remember...
beware the camel toe!
(and go a few minutes early to the restroom...takes longer to get your business off...)

(image via ny mag.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


um...i might have to get a pair, just to say i have them.

they might look good with any one of my out-of-control denim jumpsuit collection!

nike dunk high heels.
for more styles & colors, click here.

(image via kicksbay.)

file under...

some people never learn!
oh, jessica simpson.
poor, sweet, simple jessica simpson.
honey, your daisy dukes days are OVER.
please, somebody love her enough to tell her.
the short shorts, oversized tee, short jacket, nude platform combo is just bad.
and at an nyc art exhibit, to boot!

get me this child so i can give her a makeover, stat!
p.s. is it just me, or did she get "refreshed"? what is she, 30?!?!

(image via people stylewatch.)

real estate crack...literally!

no pun intended.
want to live where charlie sheen loses his marbles?
shell out a cool 7 million, and you can warlock the night away...8000 square feet on less than half an acre, with an outdoor kitchen, pool, and spa. not much wiggle room outside, but plenty of mental institution sized space in!
who knows, there may be a forgotten porn star locked away in a closet.
for the rest of the obnoxiously decadent listing, click here.
(image via redfin.)

uh oh...

should've kept your fly closed.

did you watch?

oprah did exactly what i said she would...
her final guest was...oprah.
if you're like me and have a short attention span, click on the following link for an edited rundown of the highlights of yesterday's farewell...

what will john travolta do with himself?
and where can will and jada smith talk about how awesome their love life is?
poor tom cruise...jumping up and down on the couch just ain't the same without an audience.

(image via oprah.com)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

do you remember this?

can you believe hands across america was 25 years ago today?
remember when we were all so nice and not attached to our stupid blackberry and iphone?
who were you holding hands with???

how skinny...

is too skinny?

claudia schiffer, on the red carpet in cannes, looks like skeletor. if skeletor strapped on a black lace dress for drag night.

eat something!

(image via huffington post.)

uh oh!

must have been a tequila night...
model and actress estella warren was arrested tuesday after hitting 3 parked cars, fleeing the scene, assaulting one of the arresting officers, then slipping out of her handcuffs and escaping her holding room!
that is a LOT of action for one night, honey!
for the rest of the story, click here.

(image via huffington post.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

file under...

what was she thinking?
i am usually in nicole kidman's corner when it comes to her bold and daring choices (much to the chagrin of some of you bunnies!)
but this...oy.
you know i love pockets on dresses, but NOT WHEN THEY MAKE YOU LIKE A MUSHROOM.
and the heidi braid and sheer sleeves/skirt!
goodnight, john boy.
and happy monday all!

(image via hollywood life.)

and then there's...

ke$ha. poor little ke$ha. trying so hard she looks like she's going to explode.
right before our eyes.
somehow, she managed to take every single look of the night...cutouts, sequins, trains...and turn them into one horribly hideous creation...
i would go back to the body paint baby...it looks better on you than all this gray sequins and taffeta!

(image via hollywood life.)

the good, the bad, & the bondage...

rihanna looked FABulicious on the billboard awards' white carpet in her white pantsuit!
unfortunately, most of the other looks of the night failed miserably...

*taylor swift...beautiful girl. beautiful column dress. why didn't somebody take the time to hem it? if it's too long, you can't just call it a train, bunnies!
*nicki minaj...you know it's bad if it's a JUMPSUIT and i don't likey!
*fergie...i thought the song 'S&M' was a rihanna hit? just sayin'...
and girl! get your roots did! you ain't madonna, honey.

(all images via hollywood life.)

red carpet roundup...

well actually, the carpet was white. and the best dressed on the white carpet at the billboard music awards last night was...
she killed it in her white suit and red wavy bob.
and then she put on some bondage gear and writhed around on the stage with white trash britney...
(images via hollywood life, aol.)


enjoy your freaky, it's a ribbon, it's a bow, it's a vortex to hell hat.

(image via ny mag.)


yes...the stuffed tiger in the above photos caused a huge uproar in hampshire saturday afternoon.
police were dispatched, a cricket game was delayed, and a tranquilizer dart team from nearby marwell zoo was assembled (!!)
wow. some people REALLY have too much time on their hands.
read the rest of the story here.

(images via bbc.)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

is it just me...

or is ivana trump using donatella versace's colorist?
although i will say this...donatella's looking BETTER than i have seen her in a LONG time...
ivana, not so much.
tone it down a little, honey.

(images via ny mag.)

what are we going to do with you?!?!?!

oh courtney love.
god bless your little heart.
eat something, honey.
and get those damn breast implants fixed!

most improved award...

goes to michelle rodriguez and janet jackson.
i love love LOVE the formal gowns with pockets...

poor baby...

poor little mischa barton...what a cute little girl she was.
when did she turn 40?
lay off the eyeshadow, and the big, boring maternity gown!

beautiful couples alert...

some of our usual favorites hit the red carpet...
birds of a beautiful feather flock together, you know.

gwen stefani and gavin rossdale...dramatic in black.
dev patel and freida pinto...young, cute and casual.
jillian and patrick dempsey...classic elegance.
(god, that patrick dempsey. talk about getting better with age!)

more cannes red carpet roundup...

as usual, the good, the bad, and the WHAT THE HELL came out for a good cause this weekend in cannes...the amFAR cinema against AIDS gala. the event raised $10 million for AIDS research...
and we were pleasantly surprised by a few of the attendees!
some highlights, coming up...

two words uma...prom dress. two more words...flip flops.

(all images in the upcoming posts via ny mag.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

song of the day....

i don't know...seems to me florence is rocking some "rosita II" and "nelson" nail color in this vid...

in case you've forgotten...

how FRIGGING AWESOME bernie mac was.
(sum-mum-a bitch!)

speaking of sofia vergara...

let me state for the record that i love love LOVE the carolina herrera gown that she wore to the met ball...
and if anyone wants to buy it for me, that would be FABulous...

so here it is again, in case you missed it....

(image via ny mag.)


sofia vergara lets it all hang out at the PEOPLE en espanol 50 most beautiful (mas bonita!) event in NYC...
and she's going to be 40 next year?!??!!
holy shiz! bring it girl!

(image via people stylewatch.)

somebody had a little...

work did?!?!?!
katie holmes, making a face that isn't natural in the universe, at an event in L.A.
her madewell dress is cute, but what's going on with her legs?
and, obviously, her face?!?!?!

(image via people stylewatch.)