Wednesday, November 30, 2011

your daily foo...

the video, not their best effort.
but...the song kicks ASS.
and taylor hawkins is an awesomely wicked drummer.
that is all.

congrats, y'all...

actress anne hathaway and her boyfriend adam shulman got engaged over the weekend, page six is reporting.
some nosy mcnoserpants listened in on the couple's dinner conversation monday at la esquina in NYC, where they (supposedly) discussed details of their upcoming nuptials. your din din and mind your business!

(image via page six.)

your first look...

oh gaga...
you turned me around with your 'a very gaga thanksgiving' special (hell, even my mom liked her after that!),
and now she's back to her old tricks again in terry richardson's new book, 'lady gaga x terry richardson'
richardson took 350 shots of gaga, from her 2010 lollapalooza performance to her 2011 grammy awards performance.
in her underwear, in her meat dress, doing yoga...for $50, it can be yours!
to see a few more shots from the book...

(images via ny mag.)


please stop. can the intelligent people start having some sex, please? we need more smart bambinos stat!

(image via people.)

unleashed at bergdorf's...

the holidays at bergdorf goodman have gone to the dogs!
i LOVE the chihuahua with the purple clutch...and the pup surrounded by louboutins!
dogs have to get their shopping done too, you know. ;)
it's for a good cause to boot...a shout out the humane society of new
and i am not ashamed to admit i got a little weepy at the end of this one.
i'm emotional, bunnies!
enjoy ~


barbara walters (is she still alive?!?!) has revealed her most fascinating people of 2011, and all i can say is...
are you F'ING KIDDING ME!?!?
the kardashians?
donald trump?
pippa middleton?
simon cowell?
yawn. yawn. double yawn.
i was O-V-E-R the kardashians before they began.
can't you people find some paint to watch dry or some grass to watch grow?
come on now...get a hobby.
i hear naked bull riding is quite the stress reliever ;)

oh yeah...congrats to modern family's jesse tyler ferguson and eric stonestreet for making the list. they actually deserve it, although i don't know if i would want to be in the company they were included in!

(image via hollywood reporter.)

if you're in chucktown tomorrow...

a great party for a great cause!
fish restaurant is hosting "sercys for spreading awareness: cocktails and silent auction", a party to benefit the national cervical cancer coalition.
enjoy goodies and cocktails while bidding on some fantastic little holiday sercys.
and...a fashionable little birdie told me there is a wicked awesome rosita jones nail color gift set up for bid ;)
thursday, december 1st.
6:30 to 8:30 pm.
fish restaurant.
442 king street.
for more info, click here.

do your good deed, bunnies!

song of the day...

we're feeling some love for the city that never sleeps...
since we don't seem to sleep either!
enjoy ~

Monday, November 28, 2011

U2 - Angel Of Harlem

so, i'm smelling a theme this week, bunnies.
i'm over the chaos of last week and i'm falling in love with this big ass crazy town all over again.
i have been singing this to myself since 3am.
tonight this city belongs to me...
*i heart nyc*

Sunday, November 27, 2011

is it just me...

or did hilary duff blow up her lips to go with those big fake horse teeth she got a couple of years ago?!?!
the duffster's pout was looking extraordinarily plump in beverly hills friday.
your bump should be plump...not your mouth. no one wants to look like they can eat their own face!

(image via people.)

song of the day...

dang y'all!
let me tell you how much it SUCKS to have "poo poo poo" stuck in your head for 3 days...
now you can all sing along with me!
ha bitches!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

song of the day...

oh my...this video is SO dramatic!
i can't get this damn song out of my head...and you know what that means, bunnies.
i now put it into your noggin.
hipsters and bicycles and jordan catalano...oh my!
enjoy ~

looking good, bunny!

that's the face of a supermodel, y'all!
poor kate moss...slinking out of the box in london wednesday night with her hubby. always say no to that last fireball...and that last bump!
happy holidays!

(image via dlisted.)

stay classy, y'all...

and THIS is why i don't shop on black friday.
i hear some of you bunnies were REALLY acting a fool yesterday.
here's the best one...
"a mother of three shot pepper spray to keep shoppers from grabbing a video game system she wanted during a Black Friday sale, leaving 20 people with minor injuries, authorities said."
NICE! xbox 360 or bust!
seriously?!?! nice...lead by example, mama.
only at walmart...

for the rest of the story, click here.

Friday, November 25, 2011

your daily foo...

we need to burn some calories, bunnies!
so jump around to this one, and watch the turkey and dressing come flying off of your jiggly bits!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

in honor of thanksgiving...

two big ol' turkeys!
justin beiber wore THAT (wishing to get on the cheesy christmas card website, perhaps!?!?) to perform on the today show wednesday. his fiance usher (looked at that ring!! what a lucky girl) looked on as beibs shook his money maker. and his pompadour.
dude. seriously.
don't get mad, bunnies. i'm just sayin'...
gobble gobble y'all!

(image via people.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

your daily foo...

in honor of all you crazy chickens traveling for the turkey...
a little fun in the skies, courtesy of dave and the boys.
safe travels, bunnies...
and happy turkey day!
gobble gobble.

my new favorite thing...

LOVE this!
i am obsessed with live from daryl's house...and here's another great collaboration.
daryl and the boys perform "moneygrabber" with fitz and the tantrums.

congrats y'all...

y'all know...i have never watched this show.
i have no idea why it's so poopular.
but i guess it ended last night, so that makes me happy!
congratulations to j.r. martinez and his dance partner karina smirnoff, who won this season's competition.
(wait. didn't she hump a.c. slater?!?)
anywho...i'm glad that guy won. even though i don't know who he is. but i hear he fought. so good.
and WAY better than a douchey mcdoucherson kardashian winning any day!

(image via people.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what the cool kids are listening to...

look y'all...
it's KISS junior!
big time shout out to my nephew on his 14th (HOLY CRAP!!?!?!) birthday!
and as the official "cool kid" rosita ambassador (and my wicked cool assistant), he has informed me that we will all feel young again and be cool if we listen to the black veil brides.
you've been edumacated, old folks.
how crazy is it that someone actually edited these guys together to make this video?
i think this person can officially come run my errands for me...
too much time on your hands!

your daily!

can i say it again?
this one's from the madison square garden show last weekend.
the boys are currently touring australia.
gimme some rope i'm coming loose...

Monday, November 21, 2011

song of the day...

listen bunnies...
it's been a dramatic couple of weeks.
don't we all have them?
you know what, have to just pull through, and remember...
life is short, sweetie.
get over the bullshit, and live it up!
hold on.

if somebody did that to me...

i would have them taken out back and shot.
now listen, bunnies.
i LOVE me some kelly clarkson.
but whatever insecure, horrible asshole put her in that disgusting, skintight red sequins number should be shot to mars in a cannon.
haven't any of you people ever heard of a damn pantsuit?!?!
poor thing looked like she couldn't even breathe in that thing, much less sing like the angel that she is.
FIRE THAT MONSTER, miss thing.
i am here for you.
i know what it is to have a few extra pounds on ya.
i could make you look like a million gazillion bucks.

(image via on the red carpet.)

don't like the dress, BUT...

jennifer hudson looks DAMN GOOD in that little bronze number.
LOVE her!
that bitch has worked her little ass off to get into the best shape of her life.
more power to you...bravo!

(image via forbes.)

chicken legs!

LOVE the sequin stripe shift dress,
what the hell is going on with julie bowen's hair and makeup??!?!?
i don't know who did her up, but they should be FIRED.

i do love that dress though...


(image via forbes.)


how many teenage girls hate me now?!?!
i'm sorry, ladies, BUT...
justin beiber rocked the slicky mcdickerson hairdo on the red carpet, and then...
pulled a cheap white pleather michael jackson impression during his musical appearance last night at the AMA's.
i swear to god, if he said "shawty" one more time, i was going to throw up.
but maybe i'm just old.

(images via forbes, on the red carpet.)

beware the pink hairs...

katy perry and nikki minaj rocked the pink hair last night at the american music awards.
katy perry...not so much.
although i love love LOVE her vivienne westwood asian print gown!
now nikki minaj...i would love to rock that curly pink bob!!!
rock it, bunny!

(images via on the red carpet, forbes.)

LOVE this look...

jenny mccarthy's purple dress was to DIE FOR last night at the AMA's.
LOVE the pockets! love the black belt and booties!
i need a purple cap sleeve dress with pockets...
yes please!

(image via on the red carpet.)

what was she thinking?!?!

dear lord and baby jesus.
you're somebody's mother!!!
there is no denying that jennifer lopez looks FANTASTIC for 42.
but seriously, did you really have to rub up on pitbull's bony in a nude bodysuit last night?!?!?!
(and yes, he had WOOD. i felt dirty.)
it was one thing when britney wore that tired diamond stocking. but did j.lo have to borrow it?!?!
girl...i hope you got that thing dry cleaned.

(image via on the red carpet.)


speaking of taylor swift...
that little girl is just as a cute as a button...and looked absolutely GORGEOUS last night in gold reem acra with fabulous emerald earrings and a side ponytail.
she seems so genuinely happy and humbled by all of her success.
i hope she's not really a little shitty mcdiva behind the scenes!
(i refuse to believe it!)

(image via on the red carpet.)

you know what today is...

red carpet rundown day!
the american music awards were last night in la la land, and while all the poor little sad rich kids were crying about how cold it was, we were taking in the good, the bad, and the justin beiber of the night...
get ready for greatness, lloyd!
congrats to taylor swift for her artist of the year award, as well as the other gorgeous little winners...
Taylor Swift

Favorite Male Artist...
Bruno Mars

Favorite Female Artist...

Favorite Band, Duo or Group...
Maroon 5

Favorite Album...
Adele - "21"

Favorite Male Artist...
Blake Shelton

Favorite Female Artist...
Taylor Swift

Favorite Album...
Taylor Swift - "Speak Now"

Favorite Band, Duo or Group...
Lady Antebellum

Favorite Artist...
Nicki Minaj

Favorite Album...
Nicki Minaj - "Pink Friday"

Favorite Male Artist...

Favorite Female Artist...

Favorite Album...
Rihanna - "Loud"

Favorite Artist...
Foo Fighters

Favorite Artist...

Sprint New Artist Of The Year...
Hot Chelle Rae

Favorite Artist...
Jennifer Lopez

(image via on the red carpet.)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

your daily foo...

i have had this one in my head all weekend.
it has come to my attention, bunnies, that some of you have not been acting quite right. i have been getting reports from a few of rosita's favorite little ones that there's been a whole lot of weirdness afoot at the circle K.
so for those of you that need to start acting right...this one's for you! for the rest of you lovely kids, just bang your head and enjoy the insanity of the video...

ignore the title...

i really have no idea why this is called "my cat might be gay"
but holy guacamole...the video is PRICELESS.
love the accompanying music...

that shit is FUNNY!

i don't even know why, but this makes me laugh like a freaking hyena!
if you need a giggle like i need a giggle, then this little 16 seconds is for you.
hope it does the you bunny!
happy sunday y'all...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

i love her, BUT...

salma hayek's outfit just made me puke in my fruity pebbles!
hotty mchayek wore THAT to the rio de janeiro premiere of 'puss in boots' friday.
is that gucci? if that's gucci, then i'm depressed.
that's one incredibly EXPENSIVE bad outfit.
lucky for her, being married to the president of the company that owns 80% of the luxury brands means...
bitch didn't pay for any of it.
lucky little girl.

(image via just jared.)

Friday, November 18, 2011

your daily foo...

too many strange, freaky ass things happening in our world lately, bunnies.
time to bang your head to this one, and get some of that aggression out!
enjoy ~

if you're in chucktown this evening...

then you are one lucky little bunny.
fish restaurant is hosting a fancy little shin-dig featuring tom bulleit of bulleit bourbon and rye.
from the event page...
"Please join us to welcome Tom Bulleit of Bulleit Bourbon and Rye. Meet the man behind the these world class spirits, taste the product and learn a little more about the legend. Get into the flow with creative cocktails highlighting Bulleit's many versatile applications or sip these savory spirits on their own."

whiskey tasting?
yes please!
TODAY...6:30 pm to 8:30pm.
fish restaurant.
442 king street.
for more here.

(image via facebook.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


people magazine has named bradley cooper the sexiest man alive.
eye candy...yes please!

(image via people.)

what we're listening to...

we're packing up for new york, and in the mean time, we're listening to happy mchappy tunes...
toe tapping time, bunnies!
it's all positive and happy and cutesy.
the sugar is making me a wee bit sick...but hey, i'm turning over a new leaf.

your daily foo...

good morning bunnies!
we're packing up and heading is good.
here's a little inspiration for your wednesday...
enjoy ~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and now for a little inspiration...

let's pull this one out of the vault, shall we?!?!
raise your glass, your friends, your family, to life.
embrace your differences, your eccentricities, the good, the bad, and the UGLY.
and for god's sake...ENJOY IT!

Monday, November 14, 2011

i love her, but...

gwen stefani is a hot mess in this print!
miss piss stepped out in her graphic suit at the launch of the harajaku mini for target launch saturday in LA.
i may not like it, but at least she owns it!

(image via people.)

your daily foo...

i don't care what dave says...
it's not just the guy from germany that loves this song!
enjoy ~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

make a wish...

happy birthday to my fabulous boyfriend gerard butler.
the 'how to train your dragon' (HA!) star (and my little scottish honey muffin) turns 42 today.
blow out those candles, bunny.
and please don't make any more movies like the bounty hunter or p.s. i love you.

i wouldn't want to live in a world where...

this song didn't exist.
the foo fighters ripped our faces off tuesday night in charlotte...dave grohl must get vitamin D shots in the ass before he performs...that man ran around the stage so much that i was sweating!
if you ever get the chance...RUN, don't walk, to this show!
the boys of foo will be playing tonight at madison square garden, and my cold little black heart is breaking that i'm not already back up there to catch them again.
in the meantime, let's turn this one up, get a little head banging going, and go kick some ass!
enjoy ~

happy wedding news!

i'm going to go ahead and puke now.
kim zolciak, of real housewives of atlanta "fame" married.
(just puked again, twice. because i actually know how to spell this bitches name. and as i typed the word fame.)
so anywho...this ho got married. to a kid who plays for the atlanta falcons. they got hitched on 11/11/11, because that means it will last FOREVER!
they have a love child. she wore a hideous USED dress.
nene and cynthia weren't invited.
i am sure the cameras were.
that's all i got. i can't talk about this anymore or i might have to blow my brains out.

(image via life & style.)

quote of the day...

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."
-- brendan gill.
exactly. have fun with it, bunnies. because the whole idea of it all is pretty ridiculous anyway.
have a great sunday!

doofus alert...

now all the little girls are going to come after me.
justin beiber does his best to keep his pants on and not knock anybody up in spain, where he's vacationing with his GF selena gomez.
she is cute as a button.
him? i don't get it.
keep that zipper up beibs...
child support is a bitch when you have your kind of dough!

(image via people.)

holy craziness batman!

so i was already planning on putting this song up...
and then i watched the video.
crazy bananas! i'm going to go out on a limb here and say -- i do believe the people that made this up were possibly smoking something in the ideas meeting?!?!
maybe, maybe not...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

a little eye candy put to music...

holy crap.
stay with me here, y'all...the song is slow, but the video is cheesy mccheese HOTTastic goodness!
he eats, he kicks a ball, he plays guitar, he broods, he contemplates.
i am, after all, a living, breathing girl, bunnies.
i'm not blind!
did you pants fly off yet?!?!?!

Friday, November 11, 2011


holy's double trouble!
the bobbleheads-who-do-not-eat were hanging out in packs in LA...
rachel bilson and kate are very cute little girls but jesus, share a sammich before your heads topple off!
and that is all...
have a great weekend, bunnies!

(image via people.)

my new favorite thing...

i'm obsessed with live from daryl's house, y'all!
daryl hall, of hall and oates fame, made a TON of dough in the 80's (you know, when people still bought records), so now he spends his time getting to jam in his house with groovy up-and-coming musicians (matt nathanson, fitz and the tantrums), as well as some oldie but goodie music legends (todd rundgren, smokey robinson).
here's matt nathanson doing "wishing well" by terence trent d'arby, one of my faves.
wanna feel old? my 13-year-old nephew had NO CLUE who daryl hall was. or terence trent d'arby. so after i took my metamucil, i sat his ass down and made him watch this...
to view more live from daryl's house, click here.

cute baby alert...

selma blair holds on tight to 3-month-old arthur wednesday night in new york.
how cute is that baby!?!?!?

(image via people.)

remembering an icon...

a small group of fashion who's who came out to milk studios in NYC wednesday night for the opening of "picturing marilyn", an exhibition of already famous and previously unreleased photographs of the iconic marilyn monroe.
christie brinkley, georgina chapman, coco rocha, and theory's olivier theyskens were among the guests at the dior and weinstein co. sponsored event.
dior even re-created the above dress, from bert stern's "the last sitting", which was worn by model dree hemingway.
you think they could have jazzed up her hair and makeup a bit?!?! we're talking about marilyn here, people! get some red lips on that girl, stat...
i do LOVE that dress. fabulous!

(images via stylelist, wwd.)