Monday, January 31, 2011

one of these days...

i have GOT to do this at least once in my life...

orange and purple and green...oh my!

the new nail colors are coming in at the studio...we can't stand it! we are changing our manicures and pedicures every hour!!!!
enjoy a sneak peek at some of the new shades...;)

when did taye diggs stop eating?

seriously, where is the hunky stud from how stella got her groove back? and when did he become a nerdy old man?!?!
he's been in L.A. too long...time to come back to new york and have a couple of hot dogs!!!

(image via TMZ.)!?!

helena bonham carter..looking downright demure in an ivory and black lace 50's style dress.
(and her shoes are the same color!!!)

(image via TMZ.)

if elvira went to a tea party...

i get it, you want to be fashion forward and edgy.
the smoky eye is just a little too smoky.
i can appreciate what she's going sing me something!
dianna chanel couture.

(image via getty images.)

more SAG fashion goodness...

mila kunis in alexander mcqueen.
what do you think...
love it?
hate it?
i'm torn on this one...all i can hear in my head is rosie saying, "where is that dress taking that girl?"

SAG awards recap...

for the complete list of winners & losers at last night's SAG awards, click here.

(image via getty images.)

quote of the day...

There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating: people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.
-- oscar wilde.

(unfortunately, most of the people who know nothing THINK they know everything!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

i'm sorry, what?!?!

and he's grabbing his crotch, why?

james franco...doing a michael jackson tribute maybe?
(image via TMZ.)


love me a jumpsuit!
this is fabulous...

julie bowen.
(image via TMZ.)

my boyfriend won!

mark darcy, we love you!
you're so cute...

(image via imdb.)


can do without his pencil thin mustache.
but jeremy renner is the BOMB in the town.
and that movie was robbed of many many good!
(i don't care how much you hate ben affleck, the man can direct a movie!)

(image via TMZ.)

that's just wrong...

normally, i am right there with this girl.
show 'em! flaunt 'em! put 'em out there!!!!
but today, my dear christina, you just look like you wore your robe.
christina hendricks.
(image via TMZ.)

homely sag awards...

seriously...can't you girls give us some va-va-va-voom?!?!?!
jenna fisher.
(image via TMZ.)

live from the sag awards...

beautiful, fabulous, lovely.
you know i love me some purple.
mariska hargitay.
(image via TMZ.)

is it just me...

or can this girl not make it through an awards show without getting completely shit-canned?
she already got kicked out of the golden globes after party, and almost fell off of the stage just now when boardwalk empire won an award.
get thee to rehab!

paz de la huerta.
(image via tmz.)

live fom the sag awards...

hello, boobies!
sofia rosie would say, "where is that dress taking those boobies?" and "where are those boobies taking that girl?"

who cares?

tnt felt the need to apologize for this? what did they think he was going to say, something profound about the state of the world?

it's sunday...real estate crack time!

i promised my mom i would buy her this one, so hands off people!

just when you think you've heard it all...

and...he wrote her a CHECK.

(image via gawker.)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

skeezy email of the week...

as soon as i started posting all of my emails, i didn't get any for a while. it seems they've started up again...
yeah, sure. i TOTALLY want to be friends with you, strange stranger person.

My name is suzzy, I came here to look for my second half, my soulmate, my friend is to tell about my self as i haven't see you in person but i feel something inside, i feel like a little sign of hope that am not doing this in vain, please if you don't mind i will like us to be friends and know each other, i will tell you more about my self and also send you my photos as soon as you reply this letter, Remember Age, Colour or Distance are nothing when it comes to a true Friendship, So am waiting for your lovely response !
Thanks from Suzzy

they don't make them like they used to...

picture of the day...
"the close up"

when men and women GOT DRESSED to go out on the town...

walking in a winter wonderland...

hugh jackman in nyc, with his dog, mochi. in red patent leather booties.

(p.s. i love him. and i am pretty sure that middle finger going into his pocket isn't accidental. let the man walk his dog people!)

(image via perez hilton.)


we all gotta start somewhere, right?
(unfortunately, i have seen most of these turkeys)

pregger patrol...

how much better does she look pregnant?!?!
fabulous grecian gown, btw...

(image via new york mag.)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

january 28, 1986.

- Francis R. Scobee - Mission Commander
- Michael J. Smith - Pilot
- Gregory B. Jarvis - Payload Specialist 1
- Christa McAuliffe...
Payload Specialist 2(to be 1st teacher to go into space)
- Judith A. Resnik - Mission Specialist 1
- Ellison S. Onizuka - Mission Specialist 2
- Ronald E. McNair - Mission Specialist 3

Girl Scout Cookies Go Spartan

mmmm...tagalongs! samoas! oh my!
wonder what the other two flavors will be...

oh snap!

you've waited long enough, and now it's almost here...
(by the way, that picture is supposed to be from their "plus size" line. jerkoffs.)

(image via new york mag, h&m)

hate to say it...

but she looks ridiculously FABOOSH.
jessica alba at the french vogue/gucci tribute to frida giannini, in (of course) yummy yummy one-of-a-kind gucci.

(image via people style watch.)

real estate crack...

you can WIN.
i should keep this to myself, but...

enter to win...HGTV's dream home.

(image via HGTV)

quote of the day...

How is it possible to find meaning in a finite world, given my waist and shirt size?
-- woody allen.

just because...

i can't help myself...
poor little kitty!

and now, a little winter eye candy...

dominic cooper, scott wolf amd adrian grenier, all from the sundance film festival.

(images via wonderwall.)

Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci Presents Couture ‘Works of Art’ on All-Asian Model Cast

"The sense of body skimming lightness would be quite beautiful on anyone rich enough and thin enough to order a dress,"
says suzy menkes.
well, at least she's honest.

Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci Presents Couture ‘Works of Art’ on All-Asian Model Cast

(image via new york mag, givenchy)

pumpkin head of the day...

ok,'s a tip.
if your head is wider than you torso, it's time to eat something.

(emma roberts @ the sundance film festival, via wonderwall)

candy land anyone?

will cotton, who painted katy perry's candy coated album cover, debuts new sugary show...

(image via sexy beast)

2 steps forward...12 steps back. it just because they are gay? or is it because they are gay, male, british, older, and elton's not so particularly good looking?

(image via usweekly)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ok, ask me a question...

i find myself sitting at the desk with the book of answers again, so...
go ahead.
ask me anything.
i will (quite randomly) give you the answer you have been looking for...
got it?
ok, here goes...
this is better than the 8-ball...
there you have're welcome.

is it just me...

or does jessica simpson look absolutely smash-canned every single time she is photographed lately??

(image via daily mail.)

just when you think you've seen it all...

people are losing their minds about this broken down baby grand in the middle of biscayne bay...funny the things that catch people's attention. i guess as long as it takes you away from your bills and the jerk at the office...;)

the beautiful people!

talk about a good morning...nominated for an oscar and a new baby with your "biutiful" wife? javier bardem, you lucky dog...
(not that we're throwing you out of bed for eating crackers, mind you...)

(image via getty images)

yo quiero taco bell? not so much...

so, it too early to throw up a little in my mouth?
not after this story...
"meat filling" close enough to beef for you?

(image via taco bell.)

running through fields of flowers...

kate bosworth shopping the little house on the prairie sequel in park city, utah...

(image via people style watch.)

it's inevitable...

as soon as the list of oscar nominees comes out, everyone starts yammering about the ones that missed the list...
and why the hell does everyone hate ben affleck so much? still the jLo thing, or will no one ever forget surviving christmas?

(image via hollywood reporter.)

on tv now...

(in saved by the bell history, anyway.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh yeah, it's vacation crack time...!

because the only thing better than real estate crack is vacation crack...enjoy!

oy! project runway spinoffs?


Gather ’round, design hounds! It seems the Weinstein Company has realized there could be more to Project Runway than, well, justProject Runway: EW can confirm a Wall Street Journal report that the Brothers W are currently developing two offshoots of TV’s most famous fashion competition. The first, Project Runway: Masters, will pit professional designers against one another. The second,Project Runway: Accessories, is for those who design anything but clothes.

A Lifetime rep tells EW that neither show has been given the green light yet: “There are no deals in place.” But if Models of the Runway could somehow get picked up for two whole seasons, it seems safe to say that one or both of these series will eventually make its way to your TV screen.

Mark Sanchez wipes a booger on Mark Brunell

yeah, i did it. because this ridiculous 2 seconds is getting so much press...what a world we live in!

oh galliano!

because you don't get much more haute couture than this...
john galliano -- dior paris.

(image via new york mag)

quote of the day...

The road to hell is paved with adverbs.
-- stephen king.

(someone told me today that i definitely most interestingly and fabulously love to valiantly over-use the adverb.)

cause we are living in a material world...

and i am a material girl.
(well, i'm not. i guess officially, at 35, i am a material woman.)

(images via stylelist)

and the oscar goes to...

it's time to make your picks...the nominations were announced this morning.

(image via new york mag)

Monday, January 24, 2011

all i know is...

south carolina was ROBBED.
i know for a fact we have steamier #1's than most mobile homes? didn't we have lowest sat's, highest cases of the clap, something?
(via pleated-jeans)


i shouldn't talk about people...
we just watched your fabulous juicer infomercial yesterday, and now you're gone.
rest in peace, mr. lalanne, you wild and crazy guy!
(image via aol)

just because...

DEMI MOORE photo  Demi Moore
it takes a HELL of a lot of money to look like your 20 when your 50. all hail the queen of the cougars!

(image via people style watch.)

quote of the day...

"looking good and dressing well is a necessity. having a purpose in life is not."
-- oscar wilde.

what i'm watching now...


what i learned in church today...

*if i came downstairs in jeans, a hello kitty tee, and a hoodie for church, my ma would have slapped my face.
*the catholics really really REALLY like fake burberry scarves.
*they certainly are making those "louis vuittons" much more genuine looking than they used to.
*there is an exhorbitant amount of faux designers goods at church.
*they still shake hands during cold and flu season.
*people don't teach their kids to cover their mouths (see reference to cold and flu season above).
*they still try to get money out of you twice.
*if a person wants to sit right up front, he/she couldn't care less about how late he/she is, and if he/she are disturbing your church going experience. or how loud the fake nylon of his/her jackets is.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

why is it...

that bravo shows ENDLESS re-runs of real housewives, even old old old repeats, but never repeats or marathons of the fashion show? i have missed the last few episodes, and would like to catch up before tuesday's finale.
hell, they show more repeats of project runway since it moved to lifetime than they do fashion show...give me some isaac people!

(image via bravo tv)